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    Label Blom Care
    Location Rotterdam
    Completion 160 homes

    Making spaces for


    In the heart of Rotterdam lies Revalidation Hotel Intermezzo, purposefully designed to facilitate rehabilitation. It provides tailored support to guests, with a focus on fostering encounters and movement. In contrast to the gray and sleek urban surroundings, the building embraces a green and welcoming setting.

    A home for rehabilitation

    Where the city’s green heart beats

    The design draws inspiration from the vision to promote movement, even on the room floors. The structure symbolizes, from top to bottom, the progression of a successful rehabilitation journey: from passive to active, from tranquility to hustle and bustle. In other words, from an institutional setting to a home.

    To create an atmosphere of calm and security, the interior incorporates a wealth of natural materials. Warm earth tones have been selected as the color palette. This designed hospitality contributes to ensuring that the guest feels at ease, finds peace, and enjoys their stay. At the same time, it encourages activities such as movement and social interactions.

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    Het Gezinspaviljoen,

    Het Gezinspaviljoen is a popular place, partly because of its function as a meeting place and restaurant, and partly because of the iconic nature of its architecture.

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