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    Label Blom Care
    Location Bovenkarspel
    Completion Care project

    Making spaces for

    Het Gezinspaviljoen

    Het Gezinspaviljoen is a household name in the village of Bovenkarspel. With its imposing main building, symmetrical side wings and a beautiful pond in front of the entrance, the building is truly impressive. It reminds you of Soestdijk Palace, no wonder it is popularly known as the “palace of West Friesland”.

    A palace

    Where residents feel like royalty every day

    Het Gezinspaviljoen is a popular place, partly because of its function as a meeting place and restaurant, and partly because of the iconic nature of its architecture. To ensure that residents remain part of the community, the design includes a ‘meeting place’ on the first floor, overlooking both the garden pond and the back garden with greenhouse.

    We used the unique palatial look of the building as a starting point for the interior design. Each floor has its own theme, reflected in the walls, furnishings and decor. Luxurious, high quality materials have been used for the furniture, finished in a colour-coordinated and bold print. This makes the space truly unique and adds to the atmosphere.

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