Bennema State,

Located amidst the picturesque landscape of Friesland, residential care center Bennema State offers a warm and welcoming home for seniors. It is known for creating a safe and comfortable environment.
Het Gezinspaviljoen

Het Gezinspaviljoen,

Het Gezinspaviljoen is a popular place, partly because of its function as a meeting place and restaurant, and partly because of the iconic nature of its architecture.
De Brink

De Brink,

Pleasant living in a modern and sustainable environment is at the heart of this care facility. Here, residents can enjoy a high-quality living environment that feels like home.


In the heart of Rotterdam lies Revalidation Hotel Intermezzo, purposefully designed to facilitate rehabilitation. It provides tailored support to guests, with a focus on fostering encounters and movement.

Alphen aan den Rijn

Growing older independently, surrounded by good care. Rijnzate is a unique location with 85 apartments and all set for the care of today.


The Jabikshof is all about creating a welcoming and an atmosphere that feels like home. We believe that people with care needs feel best in a space reminiscent of a residential home.

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