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Year-end closure 2023

News 18 December, 2023

Ontdek de vernieuwde wereld van Blom! Onze gloednieuwe website is live, nu nog professioneler dan ooit.

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Domūs Living

Projects Smart living 1 December, 2023

We feel more at home in the city than ever before. A home that is evolving at an unprecedented rate and faces new challenges and ideas. The Domūs Living concept responds to this with 235 rental properties in the heart of Amsterdam. Students and young professionals live here in beautiful, healthy and sustainable accommodation on just 43m2, entirely in keeping with modern life in the city.


Hotel St. Joris

Projects Hospitality 29 November, 2023

Situated in a fantastic location in the heart of monumental Middelburg is Hotel St. Joris. The imposing building has been around since 1582 and is steeped in history. On top of the building glistens the restored statue of St. George on horseback covered in gold leaf.

De Timmerfabriek

Projects Hospitality 28 November, 2023

The national monument Timmerfabriek in Vlissingen has been transformed into a unique Urban Leisure Hotel. A great deal of history has already come to pass in this very first concrete building in the Netherlands. For instance, this is where the finest ships were given their wooden hulls and furnishings to then sail the world’s seas.

TIMMERFABRIEK - beeldscherm-61

Meet the new Blom

News 28 November, 2023

Discover the revamped world of Blom! Our brand-new website is live, now more professional than ever. Step into an online experience where Blom can immerse itself even better in your world, to bring the most beautiful interior projects to life. Your vision, our passion – together, we create spaces that tell stories.

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Boutique Hotel Helder

Projects Hospitality 27 November, 2023

A dream spot on the Zeeland Coast. Boutique Hotel Helder is a more-than-beautiful hotel in the seaside town of Renesse. And special: what used to be a fish restaurant has been spectaculary transformed into a fantastic and luxurious hotel.



Projects Hospitality 26 November, 2023

On the outskirts of Enschede, on the vibrant campus of the University of Twente, the U-park Hotel shines. This place invites you for a short or longer stay, surrounded by greenery and an abundance of sports and cultural opportunities.


The Match

Projects Hospitality 25 November, 2023

In the heart of Eindhoven, you will find a hotel that is unlike any other. The Match encourages guests to explore the city, because the world outside is where it all happens. So “check in & stay out” and start exploring.


Bennema State

Projects Care 23 November, 2023

Located amidst the picturesque landscape of Friesland, residential care center Bennema State offers a warm and welcoming home for seniors. It is known for creating a safe and comfortable environment.


Compact Comfort

Projects Smart living 23 November, 2023

Living in the city means playing smart with space! Discover how multiple levels and flexible layouts create a spatial paradise even in the most compact homes.