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    Making spaces for

    Urban Oasis

    Sustainable living in large cities is urgent. Globally, we are searching for innovative solutions to the growing challenges of urbanization and pressure on natural resources.

    Maximizing Spatial Experience

    In Limited Square Meters

    Through thoughtfully designed and sustainable apartments, communal spaces, and smart services, we meet the needs of modern city living.

    This allows us to positively contribute to a conscious way of life. Sharing facilities ensures that we meet each other and strengthens our social network. In other words, living with an eye on tomorrow.

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    Compact Comfort

    Living in the city means playing smart with space! Discover how multiple levels and flexible layouts create a spatial paradise even in the most compact homes.

    Domūs Living,

    We feel more at home in the city than ever before. A home that is evolving at an unprecedented rate and faces new challenges and ideas. The Domūs Living concept responds to this with 235 rental properties in the heart of Amsterdam.

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