Blom takes care of our planet


Blom cares about our planet, the place where our inspiration comes from

This is why we have sustainable policies in place for procurement, production and transport, among other things. We source our materials from local businesses as much as possible, and we also use recycled plastic and cabinets made of FSC-approved wood panel material, which saves 5,000 trees per day.

Faster, more efficient and greener

Discover the advantages of having furniture delivered directly!!

With traditional methods of delivery, furniture often has to pass through several way stations and warehouses before it reaches the customer. This requires more transport movements, leading to higher levels of fuel consumption, and in turn, higher carbon emissions.

With direct deliveries, however, the furniture is shipped directly from the production site to the final location, reducing the number of trips and also carbon emissions. As well as reducing carbon emissions, direct deliveries also create faster and more streamlined logistics process.

A sustainable future

starts with FSC wood

Sustainability is important to Blom. We would like to do our part for a better world, which is why we use sustainable materials for our products.

A good example is the sheet material we use for our furniture. This material is FSC-certified, which means it comes from sustainably managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation dedicated to the conservation and protection of forests worldwide.


The fast-growing, flexible and strong choice for durable furniture

Bamboo is a sustainable material. It grows quickly and can be harvested again within a few years after being cut. What’s more, bamboo is very strong and flexible. It can support more weight than oak, for example, and is more resistant to cracks.

Go for sustainability and style with bamboo. Apart from the functional advantages bamboo offers, it also adds a unique look to your interior d├ęcor. The natural pattern and warm colour of bamboo adds a rustic feel to any room.

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